Earth Day Invitational

Join us for the Earth Day Invitational, an exhilarating competition welcoming trickers of all skill levels! Whether you're a beginner eager to showcase your talents or an advanced tricker seeking new challenges, this event provides a structured platform for growth and friendly competition. Spectators will be treated to awe-inspiring performances while competitors elevate their prowess in the sport. Don't miss out on this celebration of skill, community, and environmental stewardship. Get your tickets now for an unforgettable experience!

Rose City Gathering 3

July 26-28th

Bounty Rules
‍Tricking Bounties is an entity that empowers trickers to create the most original movement possible. The organizers of Rose City Gathering (“RCG”) and Tricking Bounties understand that the judgment of such movement cannot be unbiased and therefore ask our participants for both professionalism and sportsmanship in the awarding of bounties.