RCG Bounty Rules
Bounty Rules

Tricking Bounties is an entity that empowers trickers to create the most original movement possible. The organizers of Rose City Gathering (“RCG”) and Tricking Bounties understand that the judgment of such movement cannot be unbiased and therefore ask our participants for both professionalism and sportsmanship in the awarding of bounties.

All Participants upon entering RCG will under no circumstances harass or otherwise question the event staff about bounty awards.

Any bounty awarded will be paid out at the posted price which ranges from $5-$100.

Event Staff is prepared to award bounties via cash and PayPal.

Any participant wishing to be paid via online payment must send their pertinent details to pdxtricking@gmail.com

Any participant wishing to be awarded via cash must be available on Sunday, July 17th from 10am-3pm PST 

All Random and Battle Bounties will be awarded by July 17, 2022 by 11:59pm.

All Pre-Gathering Bounties will be awarded by July 24th, 2022 by 11:59pm
Pre-Gathering Bounties

All Bounties released before the gathering can be practiced before RCG.

All Pre-Gathering Bounties must be performed, filmed and posted to Instagram at RCG using the bounty specific hashtag and tagging @rosecitygathering.

Rewards for Pre-Gathering Bounties will then be determined by popular vote on Instagram after the gathering.

Pre-Gathering bounty rewards will be awarded throughout the week following the gathering after voting ends.
Random Bounties

At any time during RCG, any participant may place a bounty with the Event Staff.

PDX Tricking will have a total of $500 per day to match bounties.

PDX Tricking will match all Random Bounties up to $30; Up to $50 if the trick is especially difficult or creative.

Random Bounties will be announced via loudspeaker.

Random Bounties will be awarded to the first athlete able to complete the challenge with video proof or staff witness.

Random Bounties will be awarded immediately. If event staff is unable to pay immediately for any unforeseen reason, event staff will reward payment by gathering’s end.

Battles will be awarded at $30 per battle to each participant on the winning team.

Battles will be judged by a panel of 3 Event Guests via voting system.

Participants of battles will be provided a bounty, their goal will be to complete the bounty in the most interesting or creative way.

Each team will receive 3 attempts to complete the bounty.

Bounties for battles will be posted on Instagram at least 1 hour before battles commence.